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Bisconti Research, Inc. (BRi) is a leading public opinion and communications research company with unique expertise in energy issues. More than 50 client companies and organizations internationally have looked to BRi for research and guidance to know their audiences and to develop effective communications practices.

Dr. Ann Bisconti established the company in 1996 with an extended network of research capability created over 13 years as Vice President for Research and Program Evaluation at the Nuclear Energy Institute and prior research on higher education, careers, and advertising.

May 2021 National Survey of Public Opinion on Nuclear Energy

Public discourse on energy and climate increasingly includes nuclear energy, but how has that affected public opinion? The answer: a lot. Our national public opinion survey in May 2021 found that support for nuclear energy has rebounded, and now Biden and Trump voters support nuclear energy about equally. Trump voters care more about affordable and reliable electricity. Biden voters care more about climate change. Support is driven by perception of need. Perception of need is boosted by climate change, recent energy supply problems, and Democratic leadership endorsements. The importance of Democratic leadership endorsements is shown in the Obama bump in 2010 and the Biden bump in 2021. In both cases, the increase in support overall was largely due to change among Democrats.

The report includes trend data going back 38 years. Read more.

Summary of May 2021 Public Opinion Survey on Nuclear Energy

U.S. Public Opinion about Nuclear Energy 2021 (PowerPoint report, 40 slides)

Does the majority of the U.S. public favor or oppose the use of nuclear energy? (Answer here to see the latest public opinion)

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Do the majority of the U.S. nuclear power plant neighbors favor or oppose nuclear energy? (Answer to see the latest public opinion)