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Neighbors Online

For companies that own or operate a nuclear power plant, we recruited thousands of your plant neighbors to give you a real-time sounding board.

When a question comes up and you’d like the answer right away, Neighbors Online can get you a real-time answer and insights at very low cost—as no one else can. The cost is so low you can use your panel frequently to answer specific questions as they arise.

Panels of 250,000 residents in the 10-mile radius of America’s nuclear power plants are waiting to be asked their opinions, and that number is growing. Quest Mindshare built these nuclear power plant neighbor online panels at the request of Bisconti Research.

Beyond the 10-mile radius: We can expand the samples from the 10-mile radius to states or counties quickly and at low cost with existing Quest Mindshare online panel participants.

Beyond operating plants: Use Neighbors Online for resident input and feedback during decommissioning and when siting and building new plants.

Beyond nuclear power plants: We can build online panels in any of your other plant communities such as near fossil plants or wind farms.

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