Public opinion and communications research

Talks and Publications


Dr. Bisconti speaks frequently at conferences, in workshops, and in training sessions. Recent examples:

  • Annual two-day communications training for future leaders in nuclear energy, as part of World Nuclear University, held at Christ Church, Oxford.
  • Twice yearly presentation on public opinion and messages at Fundamentals of Nuclear Communications, sponsored by the Nuclear Energy Institute for new communications professionals in the nuclear industry.
  • "New View of Nuclear Energy", for American Nuclear Society, November 2015
  • "Pragmatism and Ideology: Opinion Shaping in Nuclear", for AMNT, Berlin, May 2015
  • "U.S. Public Opinion and Lessons for Public Communications", for NEA Working Group on Public Communications, April 2015
  • “U.S. Public Opinion about Nuclear Energy,” in session on New Nuclear Construction Around the World at American Nuclear Society Annual Conference, November 2013.
  • Public opinion briefing to Young Generation in Nuclear in conjunction with American Nuclear Society Annual Conference, November 2013.
  • Public opinion briefing to Korean journalists, May 2013.
  • “Familiarity as Key to Public Acceptance of Used Nuclear Fuel Facilities” at International High-Level Radioactive Waste Management Conference, May 2013.


Recent examples:

  • "Public opinion on nuclear energy: what influences it," in Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, April 2016. See article
  • Twice yearly issues of “Perspectives on Public Opinion,” for the Nuclear Energy Institute. See article
  • “Opinions of U.S. Nuclear Power Plant Neighbors after Fukushima,” in Natural Gas and Electricity, October 2011.
  • “Communicating with Stakeholders about Nuclear Power Plant Radiation,” Health Physics, 2011, 100(1):97-102
  • “'Not' in My Back Yard is Really ‘Yes’ in My Back Yard,” in Natural Gas and Electricity, January 2010.